Media 2.0

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The traditional media landscape is undergoing a radical transformation. People are spending less time flipping through newspapers and magazines, listening to the radio and going to the movies – to the benefit of television, internet and cell phones. New interactive media has won out over older, more passive outlets in terms of time consumption.

Despite this trend, however, we still see advertising and media agencies allocating far too much of their marketing budgets to traditional media outlets instead of recommending that their clients take advantage of media that consumers actually use. This is a combination of old habits dying hard (“But we’ve always done TV, print and outdoor advertising…”) and a lack of insight and understanding of how to engage people in a digital context.

Predictably, this traps clients in an oldfashioned media image and leads to repeated attempts to bring antiquated advertising forms to the net, without understanding the rules of the digital game. In the worst-case scenario, such attempts may even negatively impact sales.

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