Design 2.0

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Design is both an important strategic competitive parameter and a severely untapped economic resource. Far too many companies and organizations create products and services by looking at themselves and their own needs, instead of taking into account users and their expectations. In the field of digital design, this untapped potential is seen in online stores with low conversion rates, campaigns with poor ROI, digital service solutions that are virtually unused, etc.

These are all examples of extensive investments in digital solutions that would have had greater effect (and would most likely have cost less) if designers had been involved earlier in the development process. Poorly designed products and services face difficulties in a time when we use the internet to search for goods and services, as well as to share our experiences and views with one another. We rely on recommendations from friends, acquaintances and even other online consumers whom we do not know personally.

As a result, it is becoming easier to distinguish between those who deliver the goods and those who do not. Poorly designed products are condemned by the same groundswell who reward quality, well designed products and services, and in this way help to sell them. For this reason, there is plenty of money to be saved by developing quality design.

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