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Modelling the Product Hierarchy for Financial Services

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Modelling the Product Hierarchy is critical as technology advances in response to evolving compliance requirements in Financial Services. Therefore I have updated if not reconstructed this page in response to the discussion it prompted. I intially developed this set of references 'to order' when working with IPL on 

An Information Framework for Financial Services Supervision

In my initial version of this blog / web-page; this is all I had to say;-

" Below a set of references, typically 'asymptotix-eclectic' which provide a roundup of captured and developed IP in this space to date. "make your Life easy"! There is no need to re-invent the wheel, IBM and SAP have been thinking about it for decades "












Below the (NEW, Feb 2012-version) reconstruction and update of asymptotix material on modelling the Product Hierarchy in Financial Services












“you can't have a product without a customer”

I developed the mini blog 'Modelling the Customer Channel' below (as an asymptotix comment, [which we rarely use these days]) 'to order' (as you might say)  …. anyway, the mini blog puts the layout of the original post on the Product Hierarchy (above) to shame so this is a revamp. Since I started the tales of 'personal history' in the update, I have just continued them .. {hope you dont mind} .. In 1995 when I (we) first modelled the Product Hierarchy from scratch and in anger (for a giant DB2 trading warehouse) I think I can remember the hierarchy we came up with (this off the head-top from memory);-














or something like that, as I remember it went from Logical to Physical with no tweaks, the DBA who was an astrophysicist in real life was apoplectic, in paroxysms of delight; we had actually done what the textbook said was possible; the IBM SE overseeing the process (E2E) [like a member of the KGB, as was their wont] was digging the strewn A3 from the bins and buying lots of pints in the Grassmarket … it was a success, next stop Basel … anyway.


Here are some more links and references to the Product Hierarchy which in my view is the key canonical data structure for securities trading, econometrics analytics, treasury management, anything at the aggregated analytic level and particularly economic capital and risk capital quantification for Pillar 2 of regulatory or supervisory compliance.


SAP HANA Modeling Guide SAP HANA Appliance Software SPS3

ARIS Platform (Software AG) October 2011

Why SAP Bought Sybase For $5.8 Billion (asymptotix: SAP HANA)

in Financial Services; In-Memory & HPC is about PRODUCT not CUSTOMER (imho)

Setting Up Organizational Structures (SAP Treasury) 

Multidimensional Modeling in SAP BW – Art or Science? (element61, asymptotix) 

Risk Management: A Differential Diagnosis (asymptotix) 

Is SAP Bank Analyzer Just too Complex? (asymptotix) 

Data Model Reference Guide Liquidity Management Suite 6.0 (SYBASE) 

New Account Opening How To Guide IBM Business Process Manager Banking Pack version 7.5 

very slow to load (the above) from Boulder but worth the wait;

I often wonder do they want us to see this kind of thing, really?

Data Modeling Techniques for Data Warehousing (IBM Redbooks) 

Classification hierarchies for product data modelling 

Modeling and Querying E-Commerce Data in Hybrid Relational-XML DBMSs 

Better Information through MDM as a Foundation for BI (ORACLE) 

Patterns to Avoid when Modeling Header/Line Item Transactions (Kimball) 


I may have more to say here, I didn't find all that I wanted at one sitting, updates will be through the DISQUS comments process on this page. 

You have to disaggregate to understand as Noel Gallagher once said .. I am bound to say, I learned so much, referenced elsewhere on asymptotix in preparing this review of material, giving more evidence to my holistic (“hippy”) outlook on life these days; 'its all one great process, with certain exceptions' … 

one thing I learned, more practical than the hippy stuff but in fitting with the holistic is;- 

“you can't have a product without a customer”


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