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Crisis Mis-Management in Brussels! They sure aint doin it by the book!

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Look at the way the Van Rompuy trick (summit delay) has FROZEN news & caused market-neurosis today - directly contradictory to RE / - we have irrational-expectations right now as Europe is waiting for Van Rompuy - have u ever heard the like ? Rational Expectations RE did predict this sort of result indeed warned against it. The European Commission does not understand the 'time value of money' (or RE) thus should have no Economic Governance responsibility; you might imagine Van Rompuy thinx Harry Potter is an Economics textbook. As I said elsewhere & is re-hash relevant; - bungling in Brussels has meaned they have achieved neither potential objective; smash the banking system nor save it! - they (Barroso and VanRompuy) have just bungled the whole way thru;- the issue in european capital markets is sourced in 'market depth' issues of liquidity in all asset classes that has been visible to participants for over a year; liquidity maintenace requires continuos time trading and settlement (even a 5 year old could grasp that) so what do the European Commission do by delaying a key economic decision (set of) Cion has atrophized capital markets in europe & impacted the US and Asia; particularly fixed income products; meanwhile the rest of the world proceeds at the speed of the modern 24hour world of TODAY (not 1950 Van Rompuy!) whilst Europe has 2 sit on its hands waiting for Laurel and Hardy in Brussels 2 get their acts together before the Headmistress arrives! Meanwile the Brussels pair of Spanners are banning trading products and imposing transaction taxes! In a context of low liquidity? Is it ME? Its Absurd! Theatre Of ...! 'The Lunatix are on the Grass'!


REFERENCE : the Dysfunctional European Commission Economic Policy development process

& READ (if you like) the asymptotix collection on Crisis Mis-Management in Brussels (below)!


Asymptotix diagnosis of the european atrophy problem & proposal of a solution

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