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A set of references to the nascent European Monetary Fund are below

(but we @ asymptotix think that we thought of it 1st) - see the link to the ESB proposal below

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"European Monetary Fund"

$229 Billion in New Greek Aid

EU leaders look to expanded bailout fund to stave off crisis

European debt crisis: As it happened

Sarkozy's take on debt crisis

That eurozone summit draft - annotated

Eurozone debt crisis summit: as it happened




Let me summarise what is going on here on this page, above is the Euro Summit of summer 2011; Merkozy-sphere; Van Rompuy & Barosso are the puppets; here is how the process works; Lunatix2 ; the EMF or ESB idea is progressing through the DYSFUNCTIONAL GROUNDHOG SUMMITRY of the 2010 - 2012 period, announcements at 5am - thing! The initial partial proposal of summer 2010 is below with an explanation [allegedly] of why that proposal was so over complex and half baked & some links to further contempraneous analysis. The summits of 2012 are opaque to say the least; we still have van Rompuy the Harlequin announcing 'peace with honour' but we don not have a solution which remains credible and stable in terms of the markets for longer that 48 hours; see Lunatix3 . We are watching a Darwinian inevitability proceed at the pace of a car crash; guided by Lunatix, with Hidden Agendas; in the end the solution is inevitable, an EMF or ESB in all but name & with a banking license. It looks as complex as a modern ballet, that is the way they like it in Brussels; the process has become publicly narcissistic; it has gone too far, the politicians (elected & unelected) are loosing their audience. Now it looks as though in the end the Germans will have to pay;-

The Germans will pay (Buttonwood, The Economist)

A delicate proposal (Charlemagne, The Economist)

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