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United States of Europe is coming, or is it an imagination?

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What has been the driving force for change in Europe since WW2?  It has not been a straight line of thought, vision or strategy to build up what we have today, obviously. There is a huge democratic deficit. We have been forced, step by step, into today's bizarre status. Europe is a political union run by an “unelected” elite, unelected in the sense that we have not elected them to represent us in Europe. Elected through a closed college like system, in a sort of a way they represent their home country if they represent anything. At least that is the way it is perceived. They represent countries? Imagine a US President only caring about Florida! There are 27 governments with their top leaders running one show, a European Commission running a separate show, a figurehead president, van Forgot-his-name. We have a common currency, but we have no common responsibility and central power over the Eurozone. What kind of responsibility is that then? Is that Governance? The Maastrich Treaty was supposed to regulate this but was constructed specifically not to be tightly integrated European zone of politico-economic unity like a country is; otherwise it would never have got signed in 1992. Eurostat and those at the head of the Commission since the creation of the Euro have lied to us that countries such as Greece were fit to join the Euro. What was missing? The ability NOT to go to war? No! The power to collect taxes? And what does that mean, the ability to collect taxes? It means a whole different level of a Federal Europe. No puppet president, van Whatever-his-name-is, no puppet European Commission. Perhaps a phoenix version of the European Commission could survive serving different ministers, but not in the way it acts today. There are some agencies that could survive a US of Europe, such as the EEAS or Enterprise Europe Network; in fact removing the twin presidency would remove redundancy if EU foreign affairs simply there to flatter the useless President of the Council, to create a role; what is his role really? More directly elected democracy in Brussels would mean that we must unify Europe politically and remove the democratic deficit. The current structure has revealed so clearly over the crisis from the result-less European Summits, of which there is yet another one this week. Prepare for inconsequence and brace for disappointment yet again!

Imagine a different Europe, where we elect a President. Imagine a real Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe; not the phony one we nearly imposed of 8 years ago, or the super phony one that the governments forced upon us after we (France and Netherlands) said no. This super phony treaty is called the Lisbon Treaty and it entered into force on 1 December 2009, remember?

Imagine van What-was-his-name not scaling back the eurozone plan. Imagine a document on fiscal union not less ambitious than previous drafts.

Imagine a European Government. Imagine a European Finance Minister, European Central Bank (there is one, but it is p_ _ _ y). It will probably not happen, but next year when things look even worse then perhaps people are ready to think of this option. Inexorably we are running towards a United States of Europe and only the phonies in charge right now keep us in this halfway house, neither one thing nor the other, shambling from pointless disappointment to crisis; again and again!

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