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EZ politix is not a Western movie

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did the Greeks call the referendum because they had advanced intelligence that the #EFSF would not be able to raise a cent?

is it the case that Papandreou is not the bad guy but Barosso ? Is it ever what it seems ? EZ politix is not a Western movie ! .... even I figured that the EFSF bond issue would fail so did Papandreou know ? If he did then was he not right to call a referendum ? ... think about it ..... is the problem not in Brussels? Athens is just doing what it can .. is the Greek referendum not real democracy? Is it not a referendum on Brussels ?

does anything coming out of Brussels right now make any sense at all - ? their bond auction was globally rejected ! is the Greek referendum actually about Greece ?


are the Greek people not speaking for all of us ?


in effect we have 2 'Laurel and Hardy' acts at the apex of EZ - Merkozy & Barrosso / Van Rompuy right ? there is a MASSIVE democratic defecit at the apex of the EZ in Brussels - I say vote them out Greek people! can anyone do any kind of business with Barosso ? He talks rubbish, he misunderstands everything .... he is a balloon - is he not? how sane is Van Rompuy ? Can Obama do business with him ? Merkozy dont respect him do they ? Why should we ? Merkozy put Van Rompy in place & maintain Barrosso BECAUSE they are IDIOTZ - should we as Europeans put up with that ? do we not need a strong experienced political leader at the helm in Brussels ?

this asymmetric mess at the apex of the EuroZone in BXL which facilitates the Franco-German double-act is not what the European-project was intended to be …....weakness and stupidity at the apex in Brussels is what is embarrassing all of us as European citizens, this is a serious matter …. if we want strong experienced leadership in Brussels should Barroso and Van Rompuy not be dismissed ? clearly the Franco-German 'policy' of maintaining idiots at the apex in Brussels is not working even for them


& as a suggestion

there is a man brooding in a manse in Kirkaldy who understands how to manage the G20 and how to re-capitalize banks !!!!


the way headmistress Merkel is treating an intelligent gentleman like Papandreou is like a "Billy Bunter" cartoon ..... I for one am just not buying this German propaganda machine ........Merkel put the idiots in charge in Brussels now she is scapegoating Greece for her own mistakes - she needs psychiatric help !!!

why are we buying this Franco-German propaganda ? - playing out a cowboy movie of devils and angels - the world isn't like that...... Sarkozy and Merkel need to face up to their own mistakes they are breaking europe to play their own power games - they are delusional !!!!!

my series of essays on the European problems "Lunatix":http://bit.ly/rv3A6n ironic title since when 1st written that was ME !

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