Core OEM Software Partnerships

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Asymptotix core OEM partnerships are the basis of what we do; they are our MO, our raison d’etre. Asymptotix OEM partnerships are the way we get done what we need to do. These partnerships are the product basis of Asymptotix business proposition, we are proud to be working with them. Their intellectual capital is the thought leadership which constitutes the basis of Asymptotix deep domain expertise. There is a synergy between these products and Asymptotix approach to solving business problems. You can’t do it without such products in today’s world; the quill pen is just not an option and however long you stare at a wheel you are not going to invent something better yourself. These products fit into the landscape of the Asymptotix world.

In combination with Asymptotix general approach and wider expertise these partnerships construct our value proposition. We can assist you in positioning these products in your landscape to meet your current business challenge because we have the experience and expertise of the wider terrain in which such products thrive.

Asymptotix can support the Solution Architecture and Project implementation process when you decide that these products are the answer which you require. We can also show you how these products enhance your current landscape with minimum disruption to meet oncoming business requirements.

Siag Risk Management
in risk management

risk & regulatory

Revolution Analytics
(formerly Revolution Computing)
commercial provider of software & support
for the popular open source R statistics language

Tibco Spotfire
Improve Decision-Making Across the Enterprise

business semantics to
all major SOA, EAI & data
integration vendors

Lewtan Technologies
workflow solutions to the global asset
securitization industry

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