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Is SAP Bank Analyzer Just too Complex?

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SAP Bank Analyzer Complaint

 UPDATE: The implications of SAP buying SYBASE: SAP SYBASE

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In my view its the finest piece of software engineering for Banking Analytics (data management and arithmetic calculation) I have ever seen (and I have seen a few). It's reference sites at NORDEA, Bank of Ireland and ABN Amro (for AFI) are second to none. But it is certainly true that SAP Bank Analyzer is not for the feint hearted & it does take some genuine brain power to make it happen, on the other hand the business requirement it is designed to meet (i.e. Basel II and Accounting for Financial Instruments (AFI)) is nowadays 'rocket science', really; of that there is no question, indeed if you do view Bank Analyzer as a paradigm of german over-engineering (which I do not) then it is mind-boggling to realise that it cannot on its own meet the requirements of Basel II post credit crunch or IFRS7 today whether mark to market or mark to model.

One has to harness Bank Analyzer to a Predicitve Analytic toolset and there are questions now as to whether or not the SAP Analytical Banking guys in Walldorf have currently got that partner selected appropriately, particularly as some of us are coming to the view that to meet the predicitve analytic requirements of IFRS7 and Basel II today you need 1) a high performance platform (the requirement is embarrassingly parallel) & 2) to do it in a community oriented way, i.e. Open Source. All this amounts to REvolution Computing of course.

So why am I ranting on about this on a Saturday morning? Because I am sad of course, that goes without saying but this rant has been prompted by a question in a LinkedIn Group, sent to me by an associate, since the question is in a LinkedIn Group (SAP Analytical Banking I think) of which I am not a member, so this post is a wee bit of shouting from the sidelines.

But, what this young man's question (attached as an image here, top right which you can click to read in full) reflects is the extent to which the configuration and architecture necessary to meet analytical banking requirements is just hard today, it requires serious thinking and complex solutions architecture, which both require (in my view) experience as well as expertise.

What is for sure, even something as well engineered as Bank Analyzer cannot do it all on its own.

The 3 related 'complaints of Bank Analyzer' (from LinkedIn) are attached as thumbnails below, you'll have to join the LinkedIn Group to join the discussion but I think you get the idea;-

 BA Complaint 2

 BA complaint 3

 BA Complaint 4








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