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Red Hat HPC Solution: Linux Clusters Made Simple: A Close Collaboration with Platform Computing

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Platform Computing Logo"Clusters made simple" is the best way to describe why the Red Hat HPC Solution is ideal for managing a Linux cluster. The Red Hat HPC Solution allows analysts, engineers, and scientists from organizations of any size to deploy the power of HPC with an out-of-the-box, pre-integrated, vendor-certified software solution. Because the Red Hat HPC Solution is so easy to manage, administrators can spend less time worrying about the cluster infrastructure and more time focusing on their business. Users and administrators are more productive with an HPC cluster that just works-and the Red Hat HPC solution does more than that. It performs optimally, right from day one. Red Hat and Platform Computing take the cost and complexity out of HPC cluster deployments, delivering high performance with unprecedented simplicity and value.

This paper provides an overview of the Red Hat HPC Solution - a close collaboration between Red Hat and Platform Computing that dramatically simplifies the installation and management of Linux clusters. This unique and powerful solution makes HPC clusters accessible to even the smallest organizations and offers a range of capabilities not found in other HPC management solutions. With the Red Hat HPC Solution, the job of deploying, running, and managing an HPC cluster has been dramatically simplified - resulting in a cost-effective HPC resource that can benefit any size organization.



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