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Gillian Tett, Financial Times - Road map that opens up shadow banking

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On the 18th of November Gillian Tett, a British author and award-winning journalist at the Financial Times, where she is an assistant editor overseeing the FTs global financial markets coverage, published a market insight on a road map that opens up shadow banking. She wrote:

This week, a senior banker friend gave me a poster that had been created by downloading a chart recently produced by economists at the New York Federal Reserve. www.ny.frb.org/research/staff_reports/sr458.pdf It was shocking stuff. Entitled The Shadow Banking System, the graphic depicts how money goes round the modern world, particularly (but not exclusively) in the US. At the top lies a smart section labelled the “Traditional Banking System”, in which a simple flow of boxes explains how investors’ funds are deposited with traditional commercial banks, which then transform this into long and short-term loans, and equity. So far, so comprehensible. But most of the poster is dominated by two sections called the “cash” and “synthetic” shadow banking systems, or those “financial intermediaries that conduct maturity, credit and liquid transformation without access to central bank liquidity or public sector credit guarantees”, as the associated NY Fed working paper says. These flows are so extraordinarily complex that hundreds of boxes create a diagram comparable to the circuit board of a high-tech gadget. Even as poster size, it is difficult to decode. But it should be mandatory reading for bankers, regulators, politicians and investors today. Indeed, they might do well to hang similar posters next to their desks, for at least three reasons. For one thing, this circuit board is a reminder of how clueless most investors, regulators and rating agencies were before 2007 about finance. After all, during the credit boom, there was plenty of research being conducted into the financial world; but I never saw anything remotely comparable to this road map.

Gillian Tett means that was a striking, terrible omission. The Fed now estimates that in early 2008 shadow banking was $20,000bn in size, dwarfing the $11,000bn traditional banking system. And though this shadow system has now shrunk to a “mere” $16,000bn, this remains bigger than traditional banking, at some $13,000bn. Little wonder, then, that so few people immediately appreciated the significance of the seizing up of shadow banking in 2007.

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