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2 imminent important webinars: Spotfire, REvolution

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Here are two imminent important webcasts in our view, in chronological order.


Webcast: Credit Risk Modeling using Spotfire Analytics 

Speaker: Venkat Mullur, Sr. Director, Industry Solutions, TIBCO Spotfire 

Date: Wednesday, September 15th, 2010, Time: 11:00 AM ET

Credit risk in loan portfolios is a key determinant of economic capital at banks. In this webcast, Venkat Mullur, TIBCO's Senior Director (Financial Industry Solutions), will demonstrate a CreditMetrics implementation in Spotfire Analytics. The discount curves for each rating will be derived using the Nelson-Siegel term structure model.

The unique way in which Spotfire Analytics leverages statistical functions and models makes it easy for the business analyst to visualize all the underlying inputs, and easily interpret risk measures such as credit-VaR and economic capital. This is a great opportunity to see one of the most cutting-edge analytics platforms in existence today, developed with the lessons of greater transparency and intuitiveness learnt in the wake of the recent global banking crisis.



REvolution Webinar September 22: Deploying R

SPEAKERS: David Smith, REvolution Analytics, Andrew Lampitt, Jaspersoft

R is a popular and powerful system for creating custom data analysis, statistical models, and data visualizations. But how can you make the results of these R-based computations easily accessible to others? A PhD statistician could use R directly to run the forecasting model on the latest sales data, and email a report on request, but then the process is just going to have to be repeated again next month, even if the model hasn't changed. Wouldn't it be better to empower the Sales manager to run the model on demand from within the BI application she already uses-daily, even!-and free up the statistician to build newer, better models for others? 

In this webinar, David Smith (VP of Marketing, Revolution Analytics) will introduce the new "RevoDeployR" Web Services framework for Revolution R Enterprise, which is designed to make it easy to integrate dynamic R-based computations into applications for business users. RevoDeployR empowers data analysts working in R to publish R scripts to a server-based installation of Revolution R Enterprise. Application developers can then use the RevoDeployR Web Services API to securely and scalably integrate the results of these scripts into any application, without needing to learn the R language. With RevoDeployR, authorized users of hosted or cloud-based interactive Web applications, desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel, and BI applications like Jaspersoft can all benefit from on-demand analytics and visualizations developed by expert R users. 

To demonstrate the power of deploying R-based computations to business users, Andrew Lampitt will introduce Jaspersoft commercial open source business intelligence, the world's most widely used BI software. In a live demonstration, Matt Dahlman will show how to supercharge the BI process by combining Jaspersoft and Revolution R Enterprise, giving business users on-demand access to advanced forecasts and visualizations developed by expert analysts.







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