Bright lights, big City – How startups can compete with the banks for talent

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Adam Wynne: founder and Geek-in-chief of StreamScience made a guest post at TechCrunch.

Working on a trading floor in an investment bank taught me two things: to deliver things that work, as quickly as possible; and to avoid the Cos lettuce at the canteen salad bar (I once found a live worm in it covered in salad dressing, inching for its life – true story). Now I’m not going to lie to you: these past 5 years have given me some delicious problems to work on, and have rewarded me handsomely for doing so, so why, you might rightly ask, would I give it all up for the tumult, terrors and triumphs of founding another startup? “Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.”

He comments on remuneration:

When comparing the remuneration for finance vs. non-finance technology jobs, the disparity is significant for jobs with similar levels of responsibility and required ability (in my experience around 2x).

Read his motives why he left the bank and started up: http://eu.techcrunch.com/2011/09/16/bright-lights-big-city-how-startups-can-compete-with-the-banks-for-talent/

http://siliconmilkroundabout.com/ says:

Are you a developer or engineer with a passion for building real products and crafting great code? Fresh out of uni, or looking for your next move?
Did you know that London's top tech startups are hiring for over 100 technical roles right now? Forget the banks.


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