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TIOBE Programming Community Index for August 2011

In our old blog from November 2009 http://www.asymptotix.eu/community/tiobe-programming-community-index-november-2009 Java, C and PHP were the top 3 programming languages.

C++ has by now taken over the bronze medal, but PHP is still by all means still very popular.

Saving Your Business with Business Analytics

Business is rough these days for a wide variety of businesses. Everyone is hurting – especially those in the construction and manufacturing sectors – and the number of those starting businesses has reached an all-time low in the U.S. To stay afloat, businesses are having to deeply evaluate the directions they are taking, and are having to cut corners without hindering business in any way they seem fit.

Scottish Financial Risk Academy Third Colloquium 28 September 2011 - Solvency II: Overcoming the Obstacles to Success

The third Risk Colloquium of the Scottish Financial Risk Academy will take place on 28 September 2011 in the Wolfson Lecture Theatre at the Royal Society of Edinburgh.  

Integrating RevoDeployR from Revolution through RESTful API or XML-RPC with .NET or Drupal

Complex statistical computations can be done in R. Closed source applications may very well compute industry standard and financial regulator standard indicators, but when you get stuck on the software's capabilities, shall you invest all hope that the vendor can make the customisations necessary? How much would that cost and how long time would it take?

R/Finance 2011 slides and follow-up

The organizing committee for the R/Finance 2011 conference is pleased to announce the availability of presentation slides from the 3rd annual R/Finance conference. This year's two-day conference once again attracted over 200 participants from across the globe. Academics, students and industry professionals enjoyed almost 30 talks covering trading, optimization, risk management and more --- all using R!

The majority of these presentations are now available for download at:


HTML 5 Websocket implementation for the R language

With popular CMS systems such as Drupal 7, you can now make them HTML 5 compliant and integrate with R!

R/Websockets Package

Get the R package from CRAN here: http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/websockets/index.html

Get the development code here: https://github.com/bwlewis/R-Websockets

The reference vignette is available here (sorry, it's pretty basic): websockets.pdf

City of London Lord Mayor visits Scottish Financial Risk Academy

City of London Lord Mayor visits Scottish Financial Risk Academy

Pincipal, Professor Steve Chapman with Alderman Michael Bear, the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Sheriff Fiona Woolf, and Professor Alex McNeill

Financial Risk Models in R Factor Models for Asset Returns and Interest Rate Models - Scottish Financial Risk Academy 15/03/2011


Eric Zivot
Robert Richards Chaired Professor of Economics
Adjunct Professor, Departments of Applied Mathematics,
Finance and Statistics
University of Washington
BlackRock Alternative Advisors, Seattle WA


This Man Can Predict The Future: Christopher Ahlberg, CEO Of Recorded Future - creator of (Tibco) Spotfire

The pitch for startup Recorded Future reads like something from a William Gibson novel: the company makes maps of future events based on collective knowledge from millions of sources, online and off.

The company made some news last year when it received investments from Google Ventures, IA Ventures, and In-Q-Tel, the venture arm of the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies. But otherwise, Recorded Future prefers to keep a low profile.

Introducing RevoDeployR: Web Services for R

Revolution Analytics announced another add-on to R as part of Revolution R Enterprise. RevoDeployR is a Web Services framework for R, designed to make it easy to scalably and securely integrate computations done in R into other applications like spreadsheets and web pages.

A New IDE for R (another new IDE for R!) RStudio



But is this the 'Killer-App' for R (or a key App for a suite of apps for R?)

Whatever I do this week I cant get away from RStudio, its on my LinkedIn discussion boards, its on Twitter, its on Facebook; its everywhere

Financial firms lose interest in IT contractors

Lewtan Technologies Announcing the New and Redesigned ABSNet

(3 February 2011) Lewtan Technologies has announced the New & Redesigned ABSNet website.  A more powerful and integrated platform which connects performance data, ratings and pricing for the most comprehensive ABS/MBS portfolio surveillance solution in the industry. Complimentary access to Thomson Reuters pricing is available! ABSNet Cash Flow provides fully integrated European data models for projecting cash flows. These models simulate the paydown of collateral and bonds in European ABS deals based on user-defined scenarios.

New key features include:

SAP Q4 earnings: Software Revenue Increases Around 34% (Around 24% at Constant Currencies) To Approximately €1.5 billion

Software Revenue Increases Around 34% (Around 24% at Constant Currencies) To Approximately €1.5 billion

Full-Year 2010 Non-IFRS Software and Software Related Service Revenue Increases Around 20% (Around 13% at Constant Currencies) and Exceeds Company Guidance

Full-Year 2010 Non-IFRS Operating Margin of Around 31.5% (Around 30.5% at Constant Currencies)

Atos Origin to buy Siemens Unit for 850 million euros

Siemens AG says it is selling its information technology services division to Atos Origin of France for euro850 million ($1.14 billion) in a deal meant to create a "European IT champion."

An Object-Oriented Framework for Statistical Simulation

An Object-Oriented Framework for Statistical Simulation:
The R Package simFrame

Andreas Alfons
Matthias Templ
Peter Filzmoser

Vienna University of Technology

The The Scottish Financial Risk Academy held its Inaugural Risk Colloquium yesterday in Edinburgh

Asymptotix participated in the first Risk Colloquium organised by the SFRA which took place in central Edinburgh on 4 November 2010. The Colloquium addressed the theme of “Risk Lessons from the Financial Crisis”, and provided an outstanding programme of speakers over two sessions. The Colloquium also introduced the recently-established Academy, providing a forum for members of the financial services and academic communities to meet and learn more about the Academy’s aims and the compelling arguments for active membership.

The Scottish Financial Risk Academy (SFRA) was established in April 2010 by a consortium of founder members led by the Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences. It is funded by a grant of £335,000 from the Scottish Funding Council and contributions by founder members. The consortium of founder members of the SFRA comprises the Maxwell Institute, Scottish Financial Enterprise, The Actuarial Profession, Aberdeen Asset Management, Barrie & Hibbert, and Lloyds Banking Group.

Top Ten Trends of the Decade in Financial Services

We are for sure living in interesting times. Recent turmoil and increasing ecosystem complexity has placed unprecedented demands upon financial services institutions. Although times of severe market disruption and dislocation are fraught with challenges, these also present opportunities to breakaway from the pack. Historically, the best in innovation has taken place in distressed times. There is no reason to believe it will be any different this time around.

BIS - Joint Forum recommends improvements in risk aggregation models

The report suggests improvements to the current modelling techniques used by complex firms to aggregate risks. It also examines supervisory approaches to firms' use of risk aggregation models, particularly in light of the global financial crisis.


Mr Tony D'Aloisio, Chairman of the Joint Forum and Chairman of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, said "This report is essential reading for firms considering ways to make more effective use of risk aggregation methods, and for supervisors wanting to understand firms' use of risk aggregation models to help identify shortcomings in a firm's approach."

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