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The asymptotix associates (the 'brains trust') [ click the pic ] 



David R Bristow

 David R Bristow
 International Director 
 Siag Risk Management







Robert McDowell

Robert McDowell
Applied Economist








 Alistair Menzies Anderson
 Associate Partner







Markus Krebsz

 Markus Krebsz
 Subject Matter Expert
 Rating agencies & Securitisation








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Do you want to become an asymptotix associate? Do you agree with the philosophical outlook of our blogs? We are interested in those consultants who are ace experts and totally reliable; who always to do the job right. We would like to reserve this type of resource as the premier division. Further on the six degrees of separation argument, this can become like all the best elements of a pyramid scheme (or indeed a communist cell) providing strength in numbers for you and for asymptotix, thus making our joint-proposition incontrovertible.

Asymptotix has expert notification systems which capture tender requests of all types and we have relationships with the mega-vendors and out-sourced (shared) service providers where we provide the expert or ”deep -domain” layer of the service. Becoming our associate means no start up costs & no hidden end fees for the associates and you are able to work tomorrow simply through the marketing process of being an asymptotix associate. Asymptotix has the contract-management infrastructure in place now including all the basic insurances, it has the share capital in place and the engagement interlock processes which facilitate you getting to do what you do without those overheads. We handle that.

By becoming our associate you enhance our statement of capability and thus strengthen your own capability and market positioning. Have a think and contact us if you think you fit with our admittedly idiosyncratic positioning. We will not accept every associate-ship proposition we receive and we are really not interested in long negotiations over relative shares, we have a standard set of t’s and c’s by now. However if we still interest you then we would be delighted to hear from you.